Monday, May 25, 2009


I can't believe it's been since Feb 19th since I have last been on here. So much has happened! Blogging seemed to have taken a back seat.

Since I last posted on my doings, I have taken a trip, had surgery, and finished up the school year with DD.

On Spring Break we headed to Colorado to see family. The kids and I road the train out and back. It was a great experience. I highly recommend it if your not in a hurry.

A week after returning from Colorado, I had gall bladder surgery. It was scheduled and I thought I was prepared, but as much as we plan, it always turns out different. It was an outpatient surgery, which I wish it hadn't been. I really wasn't ready to come home that afternoon. They said within 3-5 days I would be back to myself. Well, it was day 5 before I even started to feel better. I was so blessed to have the help of a wonderful church family and friends. After I hit day 7, I was a brand new woman. I had the surgery on a Thursday and the following Saturday I was roller skating and the next night playing volleyball.

I didn't realize I had been feeling so bad, because I have been feeling better than I have for a very long time. I am down 10lbs since the surgery and I am now training for a 5K.

God has been so good too! We have seen many friends lose their jobs this spring, and yet God has provided for each of them. Many of them have gotten called back or found new jobs to provide for them and their families.

May proved to be a busy month with piano recitals and graduations. I was so glad when school was out for the summer. I hadn't realized how much I hadn't been home, until I was actually home last week! DD graduated from Kindergarten and will be entering the 1st grade already. I am amazed how blessed I am with her.

Summer is in full swing here. We have already enjoyed a trip to the zoo and a great picnic for Memorial Day with church family. This summer looks to be exciting! Vacation will start in a few weeks and we are so looking forward to the days away with one another.

Till Next Time....

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Anonymous said...

You HAVE been busy! Hope you have a great summer!