Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Mumblings...

Or Not. LOL.

I just really don't have much to say. For a Monday it's pretty busy. I usually take it easy on Mondays and don't do a whole lot.

But I leave for Colorado on Thursday, thus I have laundry and packing to do. I also have to make sure my house is in tip-top shape before I leave. Hubby and daughter are staying home, so I want them not to have to look at a mess or anything while I'm gone.

So with all this so called global warming, I have no idea how to pack. It's supposed to be warm, but it could get cold. I've seen it snow in Colorado in May. I'm ready for some warmer weather.

I'm ready for some hiking at Starved Rock with my little guy on my back.

I'm ready to be outside working in the garden....wait, I have to plant it first. But it hasn't been warm enough.'s hoping this is the last cool week of the season.

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Anonymous said...

yeah you are not kidding!!! Come on Warmth and stay!!!! I can't believe you leave in like two exciting is that!! I will miss you *sniff sniff*