Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why does it have to be such a struggle?

Why does my battle with food have to be such a struggle? I do so good sometimes, and then others, it just goes out the window.

I have a few friends that don't struggle with it and then I have friends who do, so I know I'm not the only one that can struggle with it.

I wish I could hate it....I wish I wouldn't let social settings run my attitude that it gives me a good excuse to eat.

I've been paying Weight Watchers to help me lose this weight, but here lately it seems I've been forking over the money for nothing.

When I was in high school, I didn't really have to worry about what I ate...I was active in sports, I had 3 horses to ride, and a very physical job, so it wasn't an issue.

Now my body has changed so much and it gets harder and harder the older I get. I'm turning into a new decade in a month, no I'm not looking forward to it, but its awakening a new sense of I'm getting older and weight loss isn't getting any easier.

You would think being a stay at home mom, I would have all the time in the world to work out and take care of myself. I don't. I guess maybe its just time for me to step up and say I need time for myself, but then that does seem selfish when there are other people needing me.

So for now...I just struggle. and then I don't. and then I do.


Faye said...

Sweetie, if food was something we didn't need it would be an easier battle to fight and I know how hard it is. You are very busy with your family right now, but I'm going to guess that you do not take time for yourself at least a couple times a week, and those times are the ones that you can use to throw in some aerobic exercise. I'm not talking get into sweats (or spandex, lol)unless that helps you to get in the mood, but just to get your heart rate up to help you not only burn some calories but to also make you feel better. My suggestion to you is to get a mini tramp (that is what I've been using), pop in some peppy music, lock the family out of the room and for about 1/2 hour work out. I do mine 2 to 3 times a week, and the exercise is a great stress reliever as well. As for the food, I have learned from this years experience that there are only two words I need to have - yes or no. Yes, this will help me nutritionally and it's ok, or no this is going to submarine me and I need to put it down and walk away. Emotional eating was my worst enemy, and if it is yours as well (with most women it is), stop before you put something in your mouth and identify if it is hunger making you want it, or if it is the need to be comforted.
Most of all, don't beat yourself up. You'll need you later on and not in a bruised fashion ;) lol
Love you big, sunshine.... Call if I can help you out.

Cassandra said...

Hey, it's Cassandra. (I am on Monica's computer- yippee!) Let me tell you, I struggle with weight also. It's not easy. I get depressed about it too. I was 135 when I got married, and now? Well, let's just say that I have gained a few pounds since having kids. I love food, also... I wish I could hate it too! Hang in there. I know what you are talking about!

judy said...

I don't know why, dear QT, but the same battle wears on my determination...

lifestyle change as life changes is a hard thing to stay in tune with.

It may not make you feel one bit better...but you are not alone.