Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not so Wordless Wednesday....

I have plenty to say today. I'm so frustrated with some things right now. I can't even begin to put it in writing, appropriately.

The last few weeks has been a struggle to maintain composure and compassion.

Please just pray for us. I need guidance on how to handle this certain situation. Will it take care of itself? Will it just go away? What do I do?

I guess all I can do is rely on the Lord to guide me through it.

I'm just so digusted with people these days. The way they treat each other, the way they are so selfish, everyone has just been so nasty. It's disgusting!

So for now, I'm trying to bite my tongue. And I pray too, that no matter what situation overcomes my life, I be courteous and kind to everyone I meet.

1 comment:

judy said...

I hope your prayer was answered...