Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling Better!

YEAH!!! Day 3 and everybody is healthy.

It's been a long couple of weeks, riddled with pink eye, flu, ear infections, and other weird things.

So far hubby, son, and I have managed to stay away from it. My poor girl has taken the brunt of all the illness.

I have had that poor girl at the doctor more in the last 3 weeks, than I have in her whole life for being sick. She was such a healthy baby. She got her first dose of antibiotic last week when she had her ear infection.

But, by golly, I think she's feeling better. She's got that sparkle back in her eye, that silly little giggle she has, and she's managed to throw a snowball or two at Mom.

She's also finally getting her appetite back after hardly eating anything over the weekend. She's eating me out of house and home!!! And, of course, its time for me to go grocery shopping, so I hardly have ANYTHING to feed her. Tomorrow is Pizza at school, and she wants some, so I know she's feeling better. =)

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