Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Starbucks...Walmart....No More

So Sunday morning, I missed church because my little girl was sick again. She's feeling better and has been to school both days this week. It just must be some nasty stuff going around, and with her being in school, she's more likely to get it.

Anyways, hubby comes home from church Sunday Morning and informs me I'm no longer able to patronize Starbucks. Why, I ask? I guess Starbucks has been putting some Anti-God slogans on their cups. Why....I ask myself...do they have to do this? I quite frequently visited the drive-thru, and I myself had never read one of these "opinions". It must be serious, when my Pastor will even say something in front of the whole congregation. I wonder how many other church members felt violated and convicted by this. What an insult to us Christians.

So, I love coffee....so now what do I do....I'm gonna go buy an espresso machine and make my own coffee, and guess what.....I won't be buying it at Walmart either.

What's up Walmart?? Sam Walton would be rolling in his grave for how far gone your company is.

Why do I have to walk down the beer aisle...JUST TO GET POPCORN! And you know what else, I'm sick of your rude-non-caring-I don't care if you have help or not-associates.

What happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE? It is so far gone, it's non-exisistent in 95% of business frequented.

My goal is to limit Walmart, Walmart was built for my kind of people, but no longer, even Walmart is changing with the times.

I will be getting my groceries at Hyvee, who have seperated their alcohol from the main building, and they have great customer service, and are very helpful. My fabric will be coming from Hobby Lobby (oh, by the way, who still closes on Sundays so their employess may enjoy their day of worship and with their families), or Joann's. Everything else, I will pick up as needed where I can get it.

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I hope everyone else will see what these places are doing to families and Christians. We are being disposed of and mocked.

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