Thursday, March 27, 2008

Slowly Going Back Down...

Yea for me!

Two weeks in a row I have had a significant weightloss on the scale. Praise the Lord!

After doing really well, and getting down close to my goal weight, winter decided to set in hard and cold, thus bringing lack of ambition and sick children. So after missing 1 1/2 months of WW meetings, my weight slowly crept back up.

So here I start the beginning of my Spring working on the weight I've gained over the winter. But I'm driven to do it.

I just need to learn that my weight is something I'm always gonna have to watch. I wasn't blessed with a speedy metabolism or with a naturally thin body.

I learned alot about myself over the winter months, so hopefully when next winter hits....I'll be prepared.

-2 pounds this week.....Till Next Time.


Cassandra said...

Hey, it's Cassandra. I was checking to see if Blanca had updated her blog in a while, and I saw you linked on there. I am sure that you know I have one by now. (I think it's linked on her blog.) Not many people know I have one, I am kind of private about it- I just kind of like having a spot for my thoughts sometimes. Being a preacher's wife, you don't get much privacy, so I don't advertise it very much that I have a blog. Anyways, all that to say that I, too, am losing! I joined Curves three weeks ago, and I have lost six pounds, and my clothes are already getting bigger on me! Yea for me! Yea for you, too- good job! Losing weight stinks, doesn't it? (well, not the actual losing part, but the working at it part!) Anyways, have a great day...see ya Wednesday! ~Cassandra

Anonymous said...

What up chica!! I'm very proud of you...its hard loosing weight Sheesh!!!! Just keep up the good'll do great!!! Maybe this time around you will loose 5 more pounds...ttyl