Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Found My Refrigerator!

It's there. In my kitchen. It's silver metallic coating shining through.

Before, it was an easel, phone book, magnetic alphabet board. It served as a menu, grocery list, and announcement holder. It's held school papers, notes, and art work. It's been covered in letters and numbers.

This morning, I made my refrigerator match my stove. It's clean and wiped down. Only the neccesities hang there.

It's amazing what kind of clutter we can allow to build up. It doesn't take long. The overload of papers, notes, parent phone numbers, and calendars have remained in plain sight since August.

So, for now, til August rolls around again, I will enjoy the glistening new appliance in my kitchen.

1 comment:

Faye said...

I'm envious... my fridge has NEVER matched my stove... maybe that's because they are different colors? rofl!
Congrats! You have done a good thing :D