Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Friday Deals...

Here's my deals of the day:

CVS--Spent $8 OOP, Got 11 ECB's back, Saved $8.

Jewel--Transaction #1 Spent $27.72 OOP, Got $5 Inst. Rebate and $20 MIR.
Transaction #2--Spent 37.21 OOP and a $10 MIR.

Total Saved $54.87

Hyvee--Spent $37/ Saved $4.

Target--Spent $24.76 OOP/ Saved $3.28.

SV SuperMarket--$3.69 on a whole chicken (I am going to cook this up to see how many meals I can get from it.)

This trip was a littl frustrating, but I'll work through it. The kids aren't around this week , so most of it was stuff they will use when school starts.

My envelope budgeting is going well. I'm finally on board with what my hubby has been trying to teach me the last 8 1/2 years. Sorry to say, I'm not good with money at all. But now I'm on board with it. Next pay period will be interesting to see how it works. Our big house payment comes out of that check, not leaving much else after it, tithes, and bills. And because my hubby gets paid every two weeks, it shifts when we get that extra pay check every six months or whatever.

But so far, I've only spent $230 on food. Understand that this is a big accomplishment for me. Groceries were never budgeted, so I spent whatever when I went to the store. The last few months before I started doing this, I was spending $600+ on food a month. That included eating out and groceries, and picking stuff up here and there. Now that I have switched to shopping once a week instead of every two weeks, I don't find myself in the store picking up what I ran out of.

We have 1 more pay check in August. And if I do it right, I will have chopped my grocery bill in half!!!! This has been very exciting for me to learn and play with. And there is actually money budgeted to go do other things. :)

So that's how it went this week.....

PS....I think some stores and candy makers are behind a conspiracy to make our children revolt against us. WHO'S BRIGHT IDEA WAS put all the candy right up underneath the cash register. I have never had a problem with my kids asking for things except at CVS...its right there at THEIR eye level, and a pack of Starbursts (which Mom said no to) about had us headed out to the van for a "battle of the wills" match. And it was only the first stop! But mom got her point across and off we headed to Jewel for stop 2. I think after yesterday, I will try to arrange it to go shopping by myself. 5 or 6 stops with a 3 and 6 year old is just to much for them. It's almost too much for me, BUT it's so worth the savings. :)

Have a great weekend!

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Cassandra said...

Good job! It gets easier and easier. I had some 'learning experiences' when I first started out, but I am so much better now. I went into KMart yesterday and got almost $30 worth of stuff for $3.93! ( I love double coupon weeks!) And then I went to CVS and got a bunch of stuff for $7, plus some back in ECBs. You just gotta learn the system! I had to learn the system when my husband and I got on a budget, and I only had $70 a week for groceries, diapers, and everything else- for 6 people!!! It's up to $100 a week now, but it's still tough. It'll be worth it- believe me! Sorry for the book! ~Cassandra