Saturday, August 1, 2009

On A Mission ( A Money Saving Mission)

Okay, so here is my mission...I want to save money! How hard could it be? With me, its very difficult.

Here is how I plan to do this. I have started couponing, and I have done an envelope budget system starting with my hubby's paycheck on 8/14.

I am in need of a newer vehicle soon, and my goal, is to pay cash. We don't have a vehicle payment now, and I don't want to start having one.

Before I spent $200 (every two weeks) everytime I went to the grocery store. I really need to cut that back! I started Friday (7/31) with my coupons, register rewards, and help from God. I really want to be a more frugal steward of my husband's (and God's) money. So here I go.

I have already thrown the receipts from Friday away, but I did do really good for my first time out. I think I spent around $85 in groceries for the week and $45 in personal items. I also got 12 ECB's back from CVS to use toward my next purchase.

Please join me on this endeavor and pray that I can reach my goal.

Till next time,


Molly said...

QT, you're my hero. I told my hubby the other day that I wanted to start an envelope budget. I'm not sure that i can make couponing work for us though.

Anonymous said...

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