Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Grocery Trip

Good Morning, or should I say Good Afternoon, guess it depends on where you are from right now. It actually just turned 12:07 here, so I guess it's afternoon. :)

Here is how my shopping trip went today.

Transaction #1--Jewel Osco
Jewel was having a sale on certain items, if you bought $30, you got $15 back toward your next purchase. So here is what I did...

I purchased their $30 worth of items and it actually came to $26.50 after coupons I had. My $15 coupons toward my next purchase automatically printed out, thus I had Transaction #2 ready. And here that is...

Transacation #2--Jewel Osco

Here you see popcorn which was B1G1, a pound of apples (which I actually weighed and wouldn't you know it, I only got 2 apples). There is also cheese, crackers, and butter. Also you see split chicken breast, which was B1G1. I got almost 4lbs of chicken for $7.39 which is what the heavier of the two cost. So I applied my $15 coupons to this transaction and paid $6.42 OOP.

Transaction #3--CVS Pharmacy

At CVS, I had $12 ECB's from my last trip and a coupon for a free lotion. OOP was $2.33. I also got 1 ECB back.

I'm slowly getting the hang of this. It will take some time, but I'll get it! In just the two weeks I have done the coupons, ECB's and etc., I have knocked $80 off my average grocery bill for a two week period!
So, I spent $37.58 OOP, and my receipts total a savings of $59.75. :)

Till next time, HAPPY SAVING!

P.S. I should mention too, that we are able to slaughter a whole beef every winter, we most do ground beef and roasts, so thats why you will hardly see any beef in my posts.

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